Instagram Shopping

Take advantage of Instagram's new feature and tag products in your feed.

We will help you activate Instagram Shopping in your account in 3 days*. 

*Some accounts need double verification from Instagram.

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What is Instagram Shopping?

  • Brands can tag their products in their posts.
  • This way followers can click a tag that takes them directly to the product in the website, making it easier to buy it.
  • This new feature will grow your mobile sales as it will ease the buying process.

      What will we need?

      • Access to your Instagram Account.
      • Access to your Facebook Account.
      • Access to the back-end of your website.

       What are the requirements to be able to use Instagram Shopping?

      • Have your Instagram account as a business profile.
      • Sell physical products. 
      • Have at least 9 Instagram posts.
      • Latest version of the app
      • Which website platforms do you work with?

      At the moment we work with Shopify, Wordpress, Prestashop and Squarespace.

      • Do you only work with fashion brands?

      Not at all. Even though we are more experienced and most of our clients are fashion brands, we also work with a large variety of online shops.

      • How long will it take?

      Once we get access to your profiles, it will take a maximum of 3 days to have your Instagram Shopping ready to work. 

      • How can you do it so fast?

      We have been helping brands like you since the CEO of Instagram released this new feature, till this day we have activated successfully +100 Instagram Shopping. 

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